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Lordi - Interview with Hella & Mana

Check out interview with Hella, keyboardist, and Mana, drummer of the Finnish band Lordi:

1- Hello, Hella and Mana! It’s a pleasure for me to be doing this interview, welcome to Rock Mania!

Hella: Hello hello!

Mana: Obrigado!

2- Lordi just released “Screem Writers Guild”. What can you say about this album?

Hella: It’s our best album so far!

Mana: Straight forward old school Lordi with a modern twist.

3- You are about to embark on a massive European arena tour alongside Sabaton and Babymetal. How are the expectations for this tour?

Hella: It’s very exciting to play in big arenas, it’s lacking the intimicy that rock clubs have when you can see the people more clearly, but having so many people wathing you has it’s own magic. We started the tour yesterday in Leeds and tonigh we play in London, so far so good!

Mana: We have only 40 minute set, but we'll try to pack it as much kick-ass songs as possible and we're really hyped about getting to share the stage with those bands. Hopefully we'll see a lot of Lordi fans in the crowd!

4- You two have been in the band since 2012. Over more than a decade, what moments do you consider the most remarkable in this trajectory?

Hella: There are so many moments to mention…but will never forget the first album recording and first tour, where it all started from.

Mana: We did our first album in Nashville with Michael Wagener and that was truly a magical experience. Playing in legendary venues like Whisky a Go Go in Hollywood and festivals like Wacken Open Air in Germany have also been the absolute highlights.

5- How is playing in a band where you always appear in costume? Does that somehow make your personal lives smoother?

Hella: It defenitely does. Outside of the band world, I love the freedom to be myself and not get recognised.

Mana: It would be a nightmare to be a recognisable face in the real world.

6- Do you take a long time to dress up? And after the show, you Mana, as the drummer, must be drenched in sweat...

Hella: For me it takes only 15 minutes.

Mana: I actually don't sweat so much anymore as I used to. Maybe I'm in a better shape or maybe I just got old. Hah!

7- Now a funny question: If you could be part of any band in the history of music, which band would be and why?

Hella: Children Of Bodom, although I would struggle to play those keyboard riffs…

Mana: Kiss is the best band in the world and my dream has always been to play in that band.

8- Another imaginary question: if you could live inside the cover art of any album in music history. Which would be and why?

Hella: Hmm…hard one! But out of Lordi album covers, my favourite is ‘To Beast Or Not To Beast’ with the lady holding a scull.

Mana: Probably Iron Maiden's 'Somewhere In Time'. I was really mesmerized by the artwork when I was a kid. And a lots of other Maiden albums as well.

9- The last imaginary question: If you could have any superpower, what would it be and why?

Hella: Teleporting.

Mana: Invisibility. I can be a social guy, but once the social battery is drained I need a lot of solitude and silence.

10- From now on, what are your next steps, the plans for the future? Is there any chance of you performing in Brazil someday? You have many fans here...

Hella: Wish we could come to Brazil soon! We are currently on tour with Sabaton and Baby Metal, some summer festival shows will follow after and more touring latest next year.

11- Hella and Mana, thank you so much for this interview, it was a pleasure for me! Rock Mania is always available!

Hella: Thank you!

Mana: My pleasure! Take care!

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